John Powell

My work speaks in the future tense, in the context of time, a painter. I choose not to privilege any one medium. The emotional and psychological content of my subject, the way the body  expresses its emotion. It contextualizes the concepts of the duality of the meaning of the imagery. My style is an expression of my philosophy which becomes a language, using, Post Modern, Expressionism, Latin American Tradition, Surrealism, soft Classism and Photography. It expresses my deep awareness of global issues and is counterbalanced with my cultural heritage.

 My inspiration originates from life/nature; Its too spiritual to express. However, it is the same expressive energy as the work, transfused between energies; I use a certain iconography, which becomes a language. My art has helped me to see that nothing on earth is solitary, all things are interlinked.

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Kate L Diehl

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Kathryn DiMenichi 

Kathryn grew up in a grass roots family and was educated primarily at home. From a young age she was enthralled with the beauty of nature and could not be found inside very often. Her mother, a writer, with some background in graphic design and her father, an engineer turned woodworker, were a constant encouragement to her artistic spirit. Early on she found herself sketching, drawing, and being attracted to the woodshop to create her own oddities. These unique circumstances set the stage for her painting career as well as her interest in other mediums. As in her youth she still prefers the outdoors and considers plein air painting to be of the utmost importance. She feels that painting directly from nature forms a pure, organic line of communication between artist and subject.

Kate L Diehl

Kate lives in Athens, Georgia. She has worked professionally in the human service field since college and continues to explore what is real behind the labels people are given.

The beauty of words, as tools for creating a new perspective, as spiritual wonderings based on heightened awareness, as descriptors for chronicling mind/body sensations is the communication behind this work of poetry. Compassion, humor, and openness are significant concepts for me. They roll around in us deepening our ability to forge connections with all life.  The earth sustains us in this journey, provides renewal, illumination, and a template for who we are.  

Kate currently works with preschoolers running music therapy groups. She has two children, Sara and Ross, who she loves big time. Her dog Sky is an ever present companion and source of love.